Shubham Rathi

Bound in the chains of Gender.
A girl was born, meant to be Tender.

Her father had a frown on his forehead.
“I Wanted A Boy”, is what he said.

Lying in the bed was the Mother of the child.
Irate as she was,  she didn’t reply.

Putting up a sham smile she looked up at the man.
“Well yeah? I wanted a sentient husband, but we have to be happy for what we can.”

All this was buried, in the sand.
When the doctor came with the baby in her hands.

The father was exultant to hold his daughter.
Told her how sorry he was, he almost tottered.

The mother was still angry and waited for a sign.
When the father told her, the feeling is Divine.

Holding the daughter she starts to snivel,
The father with guilt, was bound to shrivel.


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