By: Shubham Rathi

He said he cared. He said he loved.
She told him she was always aware.

She cried. She leapt, into his arms.
Ecstasy, joyfulness all in that barn.

They were so young, that they couldn’t understand. 
They shouldn’t do this, Just Because they can.

They kissed and turned and spent the night talking.
The morning came and so did the wanking.

He hurt his own son and the mother dragged the girl.
They were of another caste and so they cannot whirl.

Help captives, they thought of each other.
The thought of marrying someday just made them shudder.

The boy escaped and so did the girl.
With no one to look after but each other.

Families searched and found the two. 
Angry as they were, they found a cue.

“They’ll be punished” said the girl’s father.
Fury and anger led him to slaughter.

The two love birds lay there in the barn.
The way they loved each other, Just Because they can.


4 Replies to “JUST BECAUSE.”

  1. Shubham rathi bro, i am not getting words to describe but you have written it amazingly well. It touched me and i just related very well to it 😛 dont know why but it just made me smile. Thank you so much 😀


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