New Perspective

A Different View!

We were always taught to put things in perspective.
It only takes one person, one moment to change your life forever. It changes your mindset and colour your thinking. And granted, sometimes it’s nice to have a different perspective about so many things, to have new possibilities, to elicit hope in places there was none, to find yourself in a different parallel and be happy for a change. That’s the goal, although it doesn’t always work out. Because sometimes a shift in perspective just makes you see what all you could have had and what all you’ve lost.


Coverted Love! 

Life’s too short not to be honest. If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing to do. Even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems. Even if you’re scared that it will burn your life to the ground. You say it, and you say it loud and you go from there. Because nothing is worse than missing out an opportunity that could have changed your life forever!

Rains | Delhi

The Altruistic Maze

We’re living in a maze of our thoughts, of our life. No matter how hard we try, we can’t escape it. We are stuck here and there is no way out! So there is no point in fighting and struggling. We have to make the best of what we’ve got. Taking all the wrong turns, getting lost in the middle of nowhere, burning all the bridges in the attempt to find something. And who knows, maybe at the end of it all, we will find something worth holding onto. Just maybe, we will find this maze to be Extraordinary! 

Aerial View – Delhi | India


Out her window, She saw something of attraction,
Watching clouds cloaking the Sun in a brilliant fashion.
She ran around the house to find the key to the door,
To reach the roof, To see something she adores.
Black clouds made the sky very dark, 
There was no sign of any spark.
Despite the harsh wind howling at its best,
She fought to keep her eyes open, feeling blessed.
Half an Hour with the cloud,
Discharging tensions caused by the Crowd.
Imagining the different shapes that clouds take,
Is a KickStart for the mind to be wake.
The Trees were moving with the breeze,
So did her hair, Evoking an unease.
Serene Beauty, removing all the trepidation,
Without much thought, Inducing utmost satisfaction.
A drop of water she feels on her skin,
And it starts to rain, Making her happy within.
She didn’t move, Getting all drenched,
It was very soothing, Her arms all clenched.
She was the happiest, Even when no one was around,
Exuberance and Love for nature was newly found.
Looking up at the gloomy sky,
Listening to the noises, She closed up her eyes.
Words cannot define what Nature means,
You look into it, facing an Emotional Stream.


Shubham Rathi

Bound in the chains of Gender.
A girl was born, meant to be Tender.

Her father had a frown on his forehead.
“I Wanted A Boy”, is what he said.

Lying in the bed was the Mother of the child.
Irate as she was,  she didn’t reply.

Putting up a sham smile she looked up at the man.
“Well yeah? I wanted a sentient husband, but we have to be happy for what we can.”

All this was buried, in the sand.
When the doctor came with the baby in her hands.

The father was exultant to hold his daughter.
Told her how sorry he was, he almost tottered.

The mother was still angry and waited for a sign.
When the father told her, the feeling is Divine.

Holding the daughter she starts to snivel,
The father with guilt, was bound to shrivel.


By: Shubham Rathi

He said he cared. He said he loved.
She told him she was always aware.

She cried. She leapt, into his arms.
Ecstasy, joyfulness all in that barn.

They were so young, that they couldn’t understand. 
They shouldn’t do this, Just Because they can.

They kissed and turned and spent the night talking.
The morning came and so did the wanking.

He hurt his own son and the mother dragged the girl.
They were of another caste and so they cannot whirl.

Help captives, they thought of each other.
The thought of marrying someday just made them shudder.

The boy escaped and so did the girl.
With no one to look after but each other.

Families searched and found the two. 
Angry as they were, they found a cue.

“They’ll be punished” said the girl’s father.
Fury and anger led him to slaughter.

The two love birds lay there in the barn.
The way they loved each other, Just Because they can.